About the Company

About the Company

Fly Fusion is absolutely unique in its specialization of delivering restaurant quality food and beverages prepared according to all sanitary parameters for the specific desires of those who desire the best, particularly in the Air Carriers sphere. However, Fly Fusion is not limited to the Airline Industry! We offer our services for any occasion, anywhere, any time! We do like to limit the scope regarding size of the function as we wish to deliver extreme quality and service!

Our French brand-chief and his professional team are eager to satisfy all your gastronomic whims! We offer a plethora of special dishes as well as traditional cuisine in our Fly Fusion menu.

Using only the freshest products and ingredients, Fly Fusion applies innovative technologies and specialized packaging only in order to maintain the quality and taste of freshly prepared dishes, even after several hours of flight.

The Flexibility of our menu and an extensive experience of our employees allowed us to work out an individual approach to each order. Professionalism, the newest equipment, own delivery service and round-the-clock mode of operation allow Fly Fusion to respond and operate efficiently to meet all your needs.

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