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Fly Fusion, part of the Uley Catering Group, was registrated as an independent company in 2007. By this time «Uley Catering» management became firmly convinced of the need for creating premium-class in-flight catering as an independent direction. 

«Uley Catering» is the recognized leader in the field of Banqueting Services. Over the eight years of its existence «Uley» has served various events of the highest-level including: Russian Fashion Week (2004), the 2005 Moscow Yacht Festival, Viennese Ball in Moscow (2006, 2007), Carrera y Carrera and Audi presentation (2007), the Rolex Snow Polo Cup (2007) and The 2007 World Hockey Championships IIHC and the Moscow ball in Vienna in 2008. «Uley Catering» is the first company in Russia working in premium-class segment. 

Growing demand for quality food and service in the sphere of business aircraft and great experience in cooperation with the Russian and western air carriers caused the creation of the new company Fly Fusion. Professionalism and the unique experience of employees, a round-the-clock mode of operation and the advanced technologies allow Fly Fusion to work with its clients and execute even the most complicated and interesting orders. 

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